money in hand

From start to finish—we do it all.

  • We retain in-state attorneys to review and update all legal documents, including our agreements, hunting leases, hold harmless agreements, etc.

  • We secure landowner insurance at our expense.

  • We develop and implement a plan to maximize the income potential of your hunting rights through our nationwide network of respectful hunters and preferred partners.

Legal? Insurance? Don’t be fooled!

  • Legal documents need to be written and reviewed by in-state attorneys with guidance from our proven track record.
  • We work with insurance professionals to protect our landowners. BEWARE…hunt club insurance is NOT what landowners should demand for insurance protection.
  • Legal and insurance costs are absorbed by us.
money in hand
money in hand

Need flexibility? We have it.

  • We work with individuals and family farms to large, corporate-owned mining and timber companies.
  • We prefer all-season, all-game leases but are willing to explore limited access leases.
  • We offer multiple leasing options that you choose.
  • We complement current farming, timbering, mining, ranching, and conservation programs you may already be participating in.
  • We set up property-specific wildlife management programs in high-density wildlife areas to help mitigate crops and other damage.
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