Frequently Asked Questions

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How many acres are needed for Brandt Land Management to lease a property?

We lease properties anywhere from 20 acres to 60,000 acres. If you own land, we want to talk with you.

What if I would like to make my property archery only?

We tailor our leases to whatever specifications you want, but keep in mind that the price paid will be based on any agreed restrictions. We lease property for turkey season only and others that restrict deer hunting to shotgun only. We can work with any restrictions a landowner wants.

What price per acre can I get for my property?

Price expected per acre varies by several factors primarily focused on available food, water, habitat, and accessibility.

The best way to get a firm price is to contact us here:

Besides hunting, do you address hunters’ ATV use, camping, etc?

Yes. We discuss all relative terms with each landowner as to what hunters can and can’t do on your property.

What if I have problems with the hunters who lease my property?

As your property manager, you contact us, and we will handle any concerns you have. That’s what we do. Since we partner with a preferred hunter network, concerns with hunters rarely occur, but we act in your stead if needed.

What do you do about the liability when someone hunts my property?

We provide professionally written legal documents that insulate landowners from the liability risk associated with a property’s hunting rights and follow that up with a properly written $1,000,000/$2,000,000 insurance policy with the landowner named as an additional insured. In addition, we contract to insure hunter hold harmless agreements and waivers/release of liability are on file for all hunters.

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Can I timber my property if it I lease out my hunting rights?

Absolutely. We understand that timber and crops need to be harvested, so we just ask that you communicate any future plans with us. We manage the hunting rights on your property and are more than willing to work with any other non-competing uses.

My land is up for sale. Will Brandt Land Management still lease it?

Yes. We have options for all landowners for all types of land.

Can I still lease the hunting rights if the farming rights are already leased?

Absolutely. We are more than willing to work with whoever is farming the property or you as the landowner, whichever you direct. Since we setup wildlife management plans to help mitigate crop damage, many tenant farmers are as eager to talk with us as the landowner.

How will I know if hunters are on my property?

We stage parking areas for hunters and require that each has a Parking Pass displayed on his vehicle and carry an ID card.

Will you post my property?

Yes. We post or supervise hunters to post all property so physical boundaries are easily identifiable. This is a safety concern, and one more thing we take care of for landowners.

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I love to deer hunt, but I do not turkey hunt. Can I lease partial hunting rights?

You sure can. In some areas, turkey hunting rights are as valuable as deer hunting rights. Several factors affect that, but give us a call, and we can discuss.

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